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New Toilets and Changing Building

Work: Local Council Architectural Build 
Date: May-August 2017

Client: Auckland Council 

Construction of a new toilet block and architectural changing building. As head contractor a high-quality build was completed undertaking the following activities:

-        Installation and remediation of 160m haul rod

-        Excavation

-        Timber piling

-        Extensive concrete foundations

-        Supply and installation of honed precast concrete panels 

          (cast in internal services)

-        Terraflake floor coating

-        Hardwood timber slat cladding and bench seating

-        Long run colour steel roofing

The isolated location of the site and poor ground conditions contributed biggest challenges in relation to access.

Meticulous forward programming and haul road maintenance were key to staying in front of sub-trades and finishing milestones on time.



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