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Work:               Commercial New Build

Date:                2020 - 2021

Client:              Private  

Totally maximizing the section layout, strongly built, low maintenance and now attracting a wide range of tenants.

 Summerville Bros had a large input into the design of this project, carrying out 100% of the site development and construction.

The successful build (seen from the southern motorway) now stands proud along the costal landscape. 

Construction activities include:

  • Project planning and management.

  • Council liaisons

  • Bulk site excavations with 150m of varied height retaining walls

  • External Drainage

  • Extensive concrete foundations

  • Precast panels design and install

  • Steel works

  • Long run roofing

  • Internal warehouse/office fitouts



Keep lookout as we continue a similar development next door!

inlet rd image3.png
inlet rd image2.png
inlet rd images.png
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