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Specialised Concrete Applications

Summerville Bros Ltd is recognised as a leading expert in the field of specialised concrete applications and have wide experience in the following areas:


• Precision foundations for the installation of large machinery and equipment.

• Reinforcing fixing and cages.

• Cutting/demolition/removal of existing concrete.

• Large bore concrete drilling.

• Concrete and sheet piling.

• High strength concrete applications.

• Large volume concrete placement.

• Expertise in the use of specialised concrete additives and grouts.

Specialised Concrete Applications

Project Management

Summerville Bros Ltd have a long track record of successfully managing projects, both large

and small and can offer their clients the following skills and services:

• In-house expertise in the estimating, scheduling, safety planning and site supervision of projects.

• A strong focus on costs, timing and quality.

• Transparent communications with the client.

• Regular progress reporting.

Long-term arrangements with a wide range of skilled subcontractors including:

- Architects, Consultants and Design Engineers

- Mechanical and Industrial Surveyors

- Carpenters and Labourers

- Reinforcing Fixers

- Concrete Cutting Services

- Concrete Pumps

- Earthmovers, Pliers & Roading Contractors

- Plumbers, Electricians, Air-Conditioning

- Roofers

- Mobile Cranes

Project Management

High-Quality Residential Construction

Summerville Bros can look back with pride at a number of exclusive dwellings they have

designed and constructed, and can offer discerning clients the following services:


• Resources to take the project from concept through to completion.

• Awareness of current trends, styles, building materials, fittings and fixtures.

• Able to provide ideas for innovative, practical design features.

• Able to provide design drawings, Engineers calculations, etc. and organise all necessary consents.

• Close site supervision of builders and subcontractors.

• Rigorous cost and progress management.

• Careful attention to detail.

• Use of high-quality materials.

• Liaison with Council officers.  

• Pride and ownership of the completed job.

HQ Residential Construction

Industrial Site works

Summerville Bros Ltd are preferred Contractors to several industrial clients throughout the Auckland region and carry out a wide and varied range of projects including:


• Plant reroofing (>50m above working plant).

• Installation of new equipment including foundations, setup and grouting.

• Demolition of a redundant plant.

• Refractory casting and installation.

• New building construction.

• Building repairs and modifications.

• Building removals, relocations and refurbishments.

• Office refurbishments.

• Weighbridge construction and maintenance.

• Roading, footpath and carpark construction and maintenance.

• Slag tipping bank reconstruction.

• Standard and sheet piling.

• Rail crossings.



Summerville Bros brings the following attributes to all their Industrial clients to ensure a long,

successful relationship:

• Available 24/7.

• Excellent safety record and a good understanding of safety requirements.

• Experienced at working in adverse conditions to tight timeframes.

• Environmental awareness.

• Strong, hands-on job site supervision.

• Active involvement with the clients to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved in the time


• Understand the need to work cooperatively with other workgroups.

• A reputation for developing innovative solutions for difficult problems.

• Familiarity with the requirements for working on industrial sites, e.g.Inductions confined spaces,

   equipment isolations, PPE standards, etc.

• Have the ability to source and site manage a wide range of specialist subcontractors.

• Can work on either fixed price or schedule of rates.

Industrial Site Works

Local Councils & Government Authorities

Summerville Bros Ltd in recent years have tendered and successfully completed a range of

projects for the local council and government authorities and forming New and Close relationships with clients and consultants resulting in repeat work.

Green field new builds of architect structure

• Seismic structural strengthening

• Renovations including internal and external fit-outs.

• Efficient communications with consultants RE unforeseen sight issues resulting in practical and financial


Councils & Government

Commercial Design/Build

Summerville Bros Ltd have successfully designed and constructed a number of commercial

factory/warehouse units in the wider South Auckland area so can offer clients the following advantages:

• A proven track record in the design and construction of high-quality commercial factory and warehouse units.

• Strong, long-term relationships with architects, structural engineers and subcontractors.

• Knowledge and experience in dealing with Council requirements.

• In-house Quantity Surveyors to ensure accurate costings and realistic timeframes.

• Strong site supervision and management to ensure construction is carried out safely and to the highest quality

   as well as to ensure it comes in on time and within the agreed budget.

• Strong pride and ownership of the completed project.

Commercial Design/Build
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