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Work: Commercial Design & Build
Date: 2011 & 2013

Complete development of two sites in Creek Street, Drury.

Building 1 Creek St

This 1000m2 industrial building consists of precast concrete construction and underground

carpark maximising the effective usable floor space for potential tenants. Summerville Brothers had a large input into the design of the build opting for the end result to be strong and low maintenance. Summerville Bros carried out 100% of the construction 


Building 2 23-31 Creek St

This development consisted of 8 industrial units with large underground car parking.

Summerville Bros had a large impact on the required design and carried out the complete build.


This project was constructed in two stages with the underground carpark and x4 No. units on top completed first and the other x4 No. units completed a year later. The existing ground conditions caused problems as the site was once used as concrete plants dumping ground for its excess concrete. This bulk concrete was broken up, crushed and recycled for hardfill to be reused under the foundations and floor slabs. Due to the height of the walls and location of the building next to the motorway, we determined that precast panels posed too much of a danger of falling over in high winds during construction so masonry was chosen as the safest substitute. This also allowed us to complete areas in sections making the construction more convenient.

As a company, we have also completed serval other similar builds both bigger and smaller across Auckland. We stand behind our innovative construction methods that are ever present within our building which we also bring to our wider clients.

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